Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jon Schafer

Hometown: New Brighton, MN (My Hometown also... N BIZZLE!!!)
Current town: Minneapolis, MN

Best thing you have ever said: "My overall goal in life is to gather as many wild adventures and stories as humanly possible. Then one day sit at a beach bar on some tropical island as an old man and tell my life story wile sipping rum and pineapple juices to everyone there. And have them all blown away by it."

Top 3 things to do during the summer:

1. Go on another legendary trip to the Boundary Waters with the crew.
2. Meet the love of my life.
3. Get really tan and play lots of Frisbee Golf.

Any parting words: Stay positive and love your life. And wear lots of FEATH Clothing.

Thanks Jonny, trust me we love life here at Feath Clothing and we love you!

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