Sunday, October 11, 2009

Justin Hostynek takes a Feath Questionnaire

I recently had the privilege to meet Justin at the Portland premiere of Absinthe's new film, Neverland. We talked politics, recycling and environment. Well, not politics, but I basically stammered on about how much his films "Tribal" through "Ready" progressed the vision and beauty of snowboarding. And now with the new release of Neverland...nothing but, legendary. Justin Hostynek takes a Feath Questionnaire.

Name: Justin Hostynek
Home town: Truckee, CA
Current town: Truckee, CA
Current Occupation: Turning kids on to good music (new and old) and encourage them to play outdoors

Inspiration to start making films?

Jim Jarmusch/Francis Ford Coppola/Jane Campion

Whats important to you about film making?

getting it right. taking time to think it through and expressing a thought or idea fully

Anything you don't like about the current filming industry?

two dimensional sloppiness is accepted as the norm

Whats the future looking like for the filming industry?

people will access what they want to see without the wasteful product delivery system (dvds) that currently is still the standard

What were you focused on filming this past year for Neverland?

the riders having fun


Filmers: 5 full time, 15 contributers
Riders: 18
Film Rolls: 200
Cameras: 28
Hours editing: two months

Best/Worst day while filming Neverland?

best: everyday filming with Nicolas (Muller)
worst: a day in Cervinia where I got split from the crew and spent hours trying to find them on a bluebird powder day

Will we see a Flipside?

Yes it will be released as a series of free podcasts in the next few weeks.

Top 3 places to be?

1. AK
2. Nelson, BC
3. Home

Top 3 traveling foods?

1. Chocolate
2. Blood Oranges
3. more chocolate

Top 3 Movies?

1. Natural Born Killers
2. Dead Man
3. Apocalypse Now

Top 3 Film Makers?

1. Jim Jarmusch
2. Francis Ford Coppola
3. Steven Soderbergh

Last item purchased?


Whats playing in the iPod/CD player?

nothing. I need to not listen to any music for a month or two. the ten months leading up to the film I listened to so much music to find the right tracks for the film, that I reach burnout levels. Silence comes to heal the blows of sound.

Parting words or shout outs?

Do what you love and the money will follow. And if the money doesn't follow or takes it's sweet time getting to you, you will still be doing what you love.

Thank you Justin! Everyone be sure to go to your local shred shop and purchase Absinthe's Neverland! And keep your eye out for the Flipside podcasts.


  1. Neverland was amazing. The first snowboard movie I bought was Vivid by absinthe. Keep em coming Feath, these are awesome

  2. 200 film rolls? Damn!

  3. Yeah, 200 film rolls. I just finished one DV tape this year.