Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jake OE takes a Feath Questionnaire

Name: Jake OE
Hometown: Minnesota
Current town: St. Cloud
Current Occupation: Snowboarding
Dream Occupation: Snowboarding

Sponsors: Signal Snowboards, Signal Outerwear and Coffee, Kr3w, Ashbury, House of 1817, Theyouthsheltersupply.com

How did this season go for you?
really good, filmed for Transworld and House of 1817 and traveled a shit load with Signal around europe. Got to chill strickly with homies all winter.

You have a Signal board coming out?
Yeah I'm way stoked on the board. It's selling real well and Signal gave some love to House of 1817 on the board which I was hyped on. I got a Jacket and pant for Signal outerwear which turned real dope as well. I got a hot new project coming out soon too

Video projects you worked on and others your hyped on?
Transworld "In Color" and the House of 1817 promo. I'm way hyped on Videograss

Any injuries this year?
no and I'm so stoked on that

Sketchiest/Riskiest situation of this season?

Sketchiest was in London when I got detained at the boarder. Riskiest was cruisin with Dave Lee down this mountain in Italy and we got way lost, snow was real think and had to ride down a open river. We made it down fine though.

Best/Worst day of the season?

Best was chillen with Riley, Keegan, Bob Plum, Bradshaw, Garry and Morgan in Duluth. Saw Bshaw lay down a ham and Keegan lay down a buttery line. Worst day was in Austria when I was too hungover to even shred.

Whats important to you about snowboarding?

By far the homies. I rarely snowboard by myself because its not as fun.

Future of snowboarding?
Yusaku Horii, Signal team rider, hes supper steezy and way cool. Ethan Diess because he runs shit and Cody Beiersdorf because he straight kills it. Codys dropping first or last part in the House of 1817 promo forsure. Vid dropping on halloween.

1817 Movie: promo #1 from riley erickson on Vimeo.

***TOP 3***************************************************************

House of 1817, Signal Team Promo, In Color
People: Yusaku Horii, Ethan Diess, Cody Beiersdorf
Places: Minnesota in the summer, Austria, Japan
Things to do this summer: Fish, drink, party
Things to consume on the road: Hat, tshirt, local food

Whats playing in the iPod/CD player?

damnnnnnnn, Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, Stones, 50 Cent, Tupac, Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews band. Pretty basic standards

Shout outs/Parting words?
House of 1817 4 Life bitch and Signal runs shit!



  2. I hope your pants are waterproof. I have those shits in the mail.