Thursday, September 23, 2010

Storm on the Cooper Spur Trail

For my birthday hike, Paz and I hiked part of the Cooper Spur Trail. Towards the top of the hike you reach some of the Mt. Hood glaciers, which you can snowboard down(on a sunny day). This was a scouting mission for future snowboard hikes. We ran into quite the storm though.

We found a shelter about a mile after we cleared the tree line. We actually hiked past it, when the weather got too extreme to continue up trail we decided to hike down and that's when we saw the shelter.

In the shelter we found cans of soup, ponchos, books and a set of cards. We waited out the storm playing games of speed. There was even a Rainer beer in it, but we were both way too cold to drink it.

Bear showed us up

Paz in front of the shelter. If the day was clear, Mt. Hood's peak would have been seen right about the shelter.

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