Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween. Every year as I get older my view and feelings towards this Holiday seems to change. Not for the better, not for the worse. Today I had the privilege of celebrating Halloween at my friend Summer's house. We had candy (sweedish fish), tacky stickers and decorations, good wine and even better apple cider, a record player that did not go silent, pumpkins along with all the proper carving tools, more 35mm cameras than people, conversations on not talking politics to Star Wars and the best part of our party was two young children, five and three. Jacked up on Jubalee's and Kit Kat's, brought in the true spirit of Halloween, will they receive enough candy, why won't Mom let them keep eating Jubalee's, chocolate does not have sugar. To say the least they made us laugh and reminded us that its not only OK but good to sometimes act like a child.

Now get buck, visit the boys over at HOUSE OF 1817 to view my friend Riley's freshly edited "HOUSE OF 1817's THE MOVIE"

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